Do a face swap with a chrome extension

Start doing face swaps with just 1 click on any picture on the internet: pinterest, midjourney, instagram, etc... It's sooo easy!

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Do you want to easily swap your face into photos and videos? Then you need the SwapMyFace Chrome extension!

The SwapMyFace Chrome extension makes face swapping faster and simpler than ever. You can put your face anywhere in seconds, without leaving your browser. It is also the ONLY extension that lets you do this at the moment.

What the SwapMyFace Chrome Extension Does

The SwapMyFace extension adds face swapping powers to Chrome. Here is what it lets you do:

  • Quickly swap your face into any picture on the web
  • Save swapped photos with one click
  • Enjoy the simple and modern SwapMyFace interface

You don't need any extra apps or software. The extension does it all!

How to Add the Extension to Chrome

Adding SwapMyFace to Chrome is easy peasy:

  1. Open the Chrome web store
  2. Search for "SwapMyFace"
  3. Click "Add to Chrome"
  4. The extension icon will appear near the top

Now you have instant access to SwapMyFace anytime you use Chrome!

Swapping Faces in Seconds

Ready to swap your face? Just right click any picture you want to be in and select "Put my face in this picture"

Upload a photo of your face and let SwapMyFace work its magic. It uses smart AI to realistically swap your face into the image or video.

In just seconds you can save and share the fun results with friends. They'll love seeing your face creatively swapped into media!