How to put your face into any picture generated with MidJourney

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Introduction to Face Swapping

Face swapping has become a popular trend in the digital world. Have you ever wanted to see how you'd look in a movie scene, on a magazine cover, or even in a historical photo? This digital art is not just fun; it offers a unique way to put ourselves into different scenarios and moments. With the use of advanced technology and user-friendly apps, face swapping is no longer limited to professionals. One such fantastic application for this purpose is SwapMyFace.

Using SwapMyFace with MidJourney: A Step-by-Step Guide

    • 2: Go through the login process first
    • 3: Install the chrome extension HERE or just login and use the app if you dont want to use the extension
    • 4: Click the midjourney image link on discord, it will take you to the browser to see it
    • 5: Right click on the image and select "Put my face in this picture"
    • 6: Select the face you want to use
    • 7: Click the button "Merge my face" and you're done!

This is a very simple process that will allow you to put your face into any picture, now you can say you have done a face swap using AI!

Here is a small video showing a quick example of how to do it:

Pro tip: You can also increase the resolution of the generated image, getting an even better result

Tips for a Perfect Face Swap

Image Quality Matters: For the best results, ensure that your face is clearly visible and preferibly close to the camera.

Lighting Consistency: Matching the lighting conditions in both photos will result in a more natural-looking swap.

Explore & Have Fun: Experiment with various images and faces. The possibilities with SwapMyFace are endless!