Best Face Replacement App - How to do easy and quick face swaps in pictures

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Have you ever wanted to see what you would look like in a different photo or video? Now you can put your face anywhere with SwapMyFace, a new face swapping app.

What is SwapMyFace?

SwapMyFace is a web app that makes it easy to swap your face into any picture. It has an incredible modern interface focused on simplicity and speed.

SwapMyFace uses advanced AI face swapping technology. This lets it quickly detect faces and swap them realistically.

Some key features that make SwapMyFace great:

  • Chrome extension for fast swapping
  • Ability to increase resolution of output images
  • Very simple and intuitive to use

How Does Face Swapping Work?

Face swapping apps use facial recognition and AI to identify and extract faces from images. Then they intelligently overlay a new face on top of the old face.

The SwapMyFace app does this process automatically with just a few clicks. Here's an overview:

  1. Upload a photo of the face you want to swap. This is the "new face."

  2. Upload or choose an image that you want to put your face in. This is the "base image."

  3. SwapMyFace detects the faces and swaps your new face onto the old face in the base image.

  4. Adjust face size, angle, and blending as needed.

  5. Save and share your new face swapped creation!

Fun Uses for SwapMyFace

With SwapMyFace you can easily put your face onto:

  • Movie and TV scenes
  • Celebrities, athletes, and public figures
  • Family members and friends in old photos
  • Funny characters, animals, cartoons
  • Photo booth style face mix-ups

Let your imagination run wild! SwapMyFace makes face swapping easy and entertaining.

Why Choose SwapMyFace?

SwapMyFace has a few standout features:

  • Modern and easy to use interface
  • Chrome extension for fast swapping
  • Advanced face swapping AI technology
  • Ability to increase resolution
  • Completely free web app

You don't need any design experience. SwapMyFace handles the face swap process so you can focus on fun and creativity.

How to Use SwapMyFace

Ready to put your face anywhere? Here's how to use SwapMyFace:

  1. Go to or install the Chrome extension.

  2. Upload a photo of the face you want to swap in. Position it well.

  3. Choose a background photo or video frame from your computer or phone

  4. SwapMyFace automatically swaps the faces. Adjust as needed.

  5. Download your creation and share the fun results with friends!

It only takes seconds to do an amazing face swap with SwapMyFace. The easy and fast interface makes swapping totally frictionless.


SwapMyFace provides an easy way to swap your face onto any image or video. Thanks to its smart AI, and simple interface, you can quickly put your face anywhere imaginable.

Try this free web app to create fun face swaps in minutes! See how realistic your face swaps can look as you transport your face to movies, photos, cartoons, and more.